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"We adore these art classes! Alexandra is so creative and energetic, and my daughter loves going to the class each week. She comes home with fun tidbits about the artists they study, as well as beautiful projects that she is incredibly proud of (and so am I)!"

-Jamie, mom of 2 artists

"My 5 year old sincerely LOVES these classes. Alexandra does an amazing job of teaching the kids artistic concepts (color theory, silhouettes, emphasis, etc.) while also encouraging their own creativity to flourish. My son told me after class last week that she's "a really good teacher because she's VERY silly-- actually, she was almost a clown* before becoming an art teacher, Mom-- and she helps us learn how to make really cool paintings." I'd have to agree-- she's awesome, his projects are beautiful, and the class is money well spent."

-Liz, mom of 2 artists

*I was never a clown, but I am glad

my students think I am funny :)

"My daughter is just in love with Art4YourChild's classes. When class is over she is so happy and she is so proud of her are providing such a positive experience- thank you!"

-Kathleen, mom of 1 artist

"Ms. E is an art teacher extraordinaire! Her warmth and enthusiasm create a classroom environment like no other. She has a unique ability to inspire immense levels of creativity in her students as she teaches them a variety of artistic techniques. At the same time, her students learn about different artists and artistic genres—developing an impressive recognition and appreciation of art that extends far beyond her classroom. During a recent visit to the Museum of Modern Art in New York, my ten year old daughter and her friend (both students of Ms. E) clamored through the museum, pointing out artists and styles that they recognized from her classroom teaching. Their level of enthusiasm (and impressive knowledge) can be directly attributed to their time under Ms. E’s tutelage. Most impressive, though, is the absolute joy in learning and creating that the students experience in Ms. E’s classroom (and in her presence.) She is truly and amazing and inspiring teacher."

-Erica, mom of 3 artists

"Both of my children were lucky enough to have Alexandra Etscovitz as their art teacher in grade school. There was one teacher that my children wanted to see on a daily basis. One room that they wanted to visit when they moved on to middle school. Miss E's. The reason is because Miss E had the gift to not only teach the children wonderful, exciting art forms but also the gift of warmth, humor and patience. Anyone who has an opportunity to learn how to be an artist with Miss E will be given a gift. We love her in our home."

-Michelle, mom of 2 artists

""My sons LOVE these art classes. Alexandra is so warm and enthusiastic and inspiring. They look forward to it every Saturday. I really love the art work and amazing creations they come home with. Our kitchen is now full of their wonderful art work from these classes! Alexandra has given my boys more confidence in their creativity which is such a gift!

I would very much recommend this class. What a wonderful gift Alexandra has given the Needham community!"

-Rebecca, mom to 2 artists

"We love this class!!!! Alexandra brings a great balance of guiding the kids, allowing them to be creative and learn about different styles and mediums."

-Deborah, mom of 2 artists

"My 5 years old loves coming to this class each week. We have already seen such a growth in her abilities and she comes home each week so proud of what she created. Alexandra brings such wonderful energy to the class and really engages the children. We cannot wait for the next session to start!!"

-Carrie, mom of 2 artists

"Highly recommend this class! It's the highlight of my six year old's week."

-Lynn, mother of 2 artists

"Alexandra is an amazing art teacher because she teaches so much more than art. She gives our kids the confidence to explore and express their unique brands of creativity, all the while making them love not just what they've created, but who they are. She is a gem."

-Jess, mom of 2 artists

"Words cannot describe art class with Ms. E, it's sheer magic. Ms. E has such a passion and love of art that is truly contagious. As a mom I feel blessed and lucky that all three of my kids had the gift of "Ms. E." She gave them support, inspiration and confidence through praise, education, and guidance. Her patience is truly remarkable. Always having a gigantic smile on her face Ms. E gives her entire heart and soul to her students. Her classroom has an electric energy yet is a peaceful, happy place to learn and create. I treasure the masterpieces my kids created in her classroom. She inspires and fosters creativity and has a way of pulling it out of even the most resistant child. She can pull out the inner artist in anyone! She is truly one of a kind! A talented artist herself, has a tremendous amount of art knowledge and history, and can teach in the most magical, kind and inspiring way."

 -Melissa, mom of 3 artists

"Ms. E is so awesome. She's the best art teacher ever. I want to be an art teacher when I grow up because I want to love kids just like Ms E."

-Katie, 13 year old artist

"My daughters have had the pleasure of being students in Ms. E's class. My youngest is now an aspiring artist thanks to her engaging and creative ways of teaching art in a classroom setting. Alexandra has always provided a warm and nurturing environment in which her students thrive. I'm so excited to see her embark on this new adventure so more kids will be able to enjoy the same experience mine have as her students at Memorial Spaulding Elementary School."

-Janice, mom of 2 artists

"Ms. E is always happy, patient with me and helpful. When I do not understand something, she helps me get it and I see the meaning of my art."

-Jordan, 13 year old artist

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